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Summer Sports Camp Update for Weeks 4-6

We are proud to be able to adapt and refresh our time table this year to keep the camps fun, challenging and entertaining for more.

But don't worry! we have kept your favourites and added some new activities we know you will love!!!

Time Table Summer 2020 (Wk4-6)
Download PDF • 232KB

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New thinking in the provision of Wrap Around Care and Holiday Multi-Activity Camps

An affordable yet exciting new way to engage with sport and activity before/after school and during the school holiday periods a. AK-tivities Ltd. was founded in 2012 to provide high quality child care through activity and sport at a local level. We remain to this day a small family run business focused on providing high quality value for money childcare when parents need it most. 

Company Number: 11530579 | Ofsted Registration Number 2742467

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