Leadership Training Program

What is it?

Our award winning Leadership Academy Program looks to provide children aged 11-16 with the chance to develop their leadership, managerial and organisational skills by providing them with challenges and responsibilities within our sports camps setting. Whilst still being able to take part in all the fun activities on offer they will also be given tasks to complete which will involve, motivate and activate others within the group to which they are assigned. 

The hours children / leaders complete on this course can be logged in line with the national Duke of Edinburgh, County Young Coach Academy and School Leaders Awards.​

Who is it for?

This amazing Program is open to anyone currently attending Secondary School (Aged 11 to 16) and looking to gain valuable leadership skills. if you are looking for the next challenge, and want to develop your leadership and managerial skills along the way, come give this new award winning program a go!

What do you get?

When you book on for the first time you will receive the following....

  • Leadership Academy Log Book with Challenge and Tasks which need to be completed and verified by our Instructor team to achieve each award stage

  • An Optional branded T-Shirt to keep (additional cost: £10 which can be purchased upon booking) clearly showing they are leaders!

  • Upon completion of each award they will receive a Certificate of completion and a bonus 'well done!' prize (including such things as a free pass to one of our many events and camp days).


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