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Childcare Vouchers

When paying through Childcare Vouchers please follow the process below...

STEP 1: Please complete an order in full on our 'Make a Booking' page

STEP 2: When you reach the Payment Screen a Green Banner will confirm your order has gone through successfully, though awaiting payment. 

STEP 3: Please click on the 'Alternative Payment Methods' drop down box on the right hand side of the payments page. 

payment screen 1.png

STEP 4: You will see a that we accept 'Childcare Vouchers', all you need do now is complete payment with your voucher company sending confirmation of your payment to the following email address: 

PLEASE NOTE: confirmation of your voucher payment will be required to guarantee your booking

payment screen 2.png

Paying by Childcare Vouchers for the first time? 

When arranging payment through your childcare voucher company please quote the following information as detailed below...

Please note any payment from a childcare voucher can take between 5-10 working days. If booking within this payment window we may seek verification of payment before we are able to accept your child/children onto camp.


Please quote the URN: 833623


Please quote the URN: P20895388

all save.png

Please quote the URN: 201607


Please quote the URN: 0025611393

care 4.png

Please quote the URN: 97422087


Please quote the URN: ATKI0618


Please quote the URN: Sprogs Childcare

(please note we are awaiting confirmation of this having changed over to AK-tivites)

kiddi vouchers.png

Please quote the URN: 136580 (AK-tivities Ltd.)

NW Brown.png

Please quote the URN: AK-tivities

reward Gateway.JPG

Please quote the URN: 51538500266

Please Note We Do Not Accept BRAVO Benefits Vouchers (formally known as Busy Bees) at this time. If you were intending to pay by this method please get in touch and our finance team can discuss alternatives. Thank you for your Understanding


Voucher Payment Information

(if your childcare voucher provider is not in the list above of currently recognised providers please do not panic. ALl you need do is contact your provider and share with them the following information)

Company Name: AK-tivities Ltd. 

Company Postcode: PE16 6JJ

Company Director: Elizabeth Atkinson / Simon Atkinson

Company Email:

Company Tel: 07956289797

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