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Dear Easter 2021 Families, 

I hope this email finds you well. 

I am devastated to be bringing you the following news regarding AK-tivities this Easter break however due to unforeseen and unavoidable circumstances, we are sadly in the regrettable position of cancellation for our camp operation this Easter at Swavesey Village College. 

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic has had a profound impact globally, nationally, and locally, and continues to pose significant challenges within the foreseeable future. Further to communication this week, the Management team at Swavesey Village College have now notified us in the last few days that they are no longer able to accommodate provision of their facilities to AK-tivities. This is due to a decision to run a catch up and revision session programme for students during the holiday period in line with government recommendations. 

In partnership with Swavesey Village College it was agreed that under such circumstances this would make the site unsafe for those attending camp as we would be unable to ensure that our activity bubbles remained intact and, as such, would breach our own Covid-19 policy. We have always prioritised the safety of our staff, all attending children and their families, which is paramount when running our camps and in retaining our very high health and safety expectations. 

We have worked tirelessly in attempts to secure an alternative site nearby, but unfortunately we were unable to do this in the little time afforded to us. We are conscious that this late notice will be disappointing and that for you and your child/children, this news may be both unsettling and cause disruption through the lack of provision over the holidays. We apologise wholeheartedly that we were not in a position to alert you on this matter prior to today.  

What do you need to do now? 

Summer 2021

In light of this news we are offering the opportunity to keep your booking for reallocation during our Summer 2021 season. By keeping your booking with AK-tivities, we would like to offer you an additional 20% on any bookings made by yourself onto our summer sports camps this year. Please email our team at: to let us know that you would like to take advantage of this option. We are conscious you may not be sure of your preferred date change for our Summer season. If you choose this option, we will provide you with a unique credit note/voucher code which can be redeemed when booking in for your summer dates.  

Full Refund

Alternatively, in line with our booking policy, you are entitled to a FULL refund. To arrange this refund, please email our team at: so we can get this organised for you as quickly as possible.  

We hope you understand that we are as saddened as you that we face this impact during this difficult time of transition out of lockdown. As always, we remain grateful for our AK-tivities families – yesterday, today and into the future. 

I would like to take this time to thank you for your continued support and understanding. 

If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us on the above email addresses. We aim to reply to any enquiries as soon as possible.

Kind regards,

Ash Matthews

Managing Director of UK Operations



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An affordable yet exciting new way to engage with sport and activity before/after school and during the school holiday periods a. AK-tivities Ltd. was founded in 2012 to provide high quality child care through activity and sport at a local level. We remain to this day a small family run business focused on providing high quality value for money childcare when parents need it most. 

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